As a part of faculty development program of School of Business, Self Assessment Committee (SAC) of Department of Business Administration, School of Business, organized a daylong workshop on “How to Prepare Lesson Plan” on 20 August 2016, Saturday at IQAC Seminar Hall. Thirty faculty members of Department of Business Administration (DBA) under the School of Business attended the workshop. The program started with the welcome speech of Dr Sharmina Afrin, Head of Self Assessment Committee (SAC) of Department of Business Administration of School of Business.

Prof. Dr. Nazrul Islam, Dean, SoB, Uttara University and Prof. Dr. ASM Shahabuddin, SoB, UU conducted two important sessions on “How to Prepare Lesson Plan” and graced the program as resource persons. There was a practical session on “Preparing Lesson Plan” in the second half of the workshop.

In discussion session, Prof. Dr. Nazrul Islam, discussed the definition and models of Lesson Plan. Bloom's Taxonomy of Learning Domains which included three domains of educational activities or learning like Cognitive: mental skills (knowledge), Affective: growth in feelings or emotional areas (attitude or self or feeling) and Psychomotor: manual or physical skills (skills). Prof. Dr. ASM Shahabuddin, connected these domains in preparing lesson plans.

In Practical Session, faculty members formed several groups containing three members in each group comprising different major areas and prepared a lesson plan on a topic. At the end, each group presented its lesson plan. Prof. Dr. ASM Shahabuddin, clarified different issues regarding the preparation of lesson plan.

Prof. Dr. Nazrul Islam, Dean, SoB summed up the program at the end and participated at the question and answer session. In the workshop, it was decided that each faculty member of SoB will prepare the lesson plan of at least one course and submit it to the department in Fall 2016 semester.


Date: 22 Aug 2016