A group of students from Uttara University School of Business participated in the International Youth Summit-IYS 2016 which was held on 17-19 November 2016 in Krishibid Institution and BishwaSahitto Kendra, Bangladesh.

StepUP Foundation Bangladesh with the support from Life Skill Coaching New Zealand, CSD Club International, HOPE’87 Bangladesh and Workplace Skill Development Academy NZ, organizedthe event with a vision ‘Skill Migration for Sustainable Youth Development’. The summit created a dynamic space for the International Youth by accommodating 06 international guest speakers, 50+ national guest speakers, 50+ international participants along with1000+ national participants from 30 different universities of Bangladesh.

The focus of the discussions was mainly the sustainable development of youth and equip them with proper skills and education which goes with the UN SDG goal 2030 also. The major themes ofthe summit was: 1. Employment Challenges & Opportunities2. Leadership Challenges &Opportunities 3. Empowerment Challenges & Opportunities: Spotlight on female youth4. Training & Development Challenges & Opportunities: Education and innovation 5. Volunteerism - Challenges & Opportunities: Youth as a giver, not only the receiver 6. Skill Migration - Challenges & Opportunities: Spread throughout the world/ Migrating worldwide. All the themes were so important to boost the dreams of the youth. UU students have shown their aptitudes in different completion like Public Speaking, Debate, and Instant Performance. It is mentionable that UU was one of the Summit Promoters who has contributed with 15 enthusiastic Volunteers.

The Summit was inaugurated by leading entrepreneur and the Founder President of Bangladesh Women Chambers of Commerce and Industries (BWCCI) Selima Ahmed. Besides the students, UU has contributed with its academician in the summit. MdAlauddin, Lecturer of Economics at School of Business who has been involved in various social works for the last one decadewas a Panelists in two Keynote sessions as a Guest Speaker.


Date: 24 Nov 2016