Self Assessment Committee of Department of Business Administration of Uttara University arranged a seminar on “How to Write and Publish Papers” on 15 June 2017 Thursday at 3:00pm at the IQAC Seminar Hall of the university. The seminar was conducted by Professor Dr. Nikhil Ranjan Dhar, Department of Industrial and Production Engineering (IPE), Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET). The program was chaired by Prof. Dr. Nazrul Islam, Dean, School of Business of Uttara University. Professor Dr DNR Paul, Director of IQAC of Uttara University, Professor Dr. ASM Shahabuddin, Chairman of Department of Business Administration of Uttara University, Associate Professor Dr. Sharmina Afrin, Head of Self Assessment Committee (SAC) of Department of Business Administration also spoke on the occasion. The participants of the seminar were the faculty members of Department of Business Administration of Uttara University. In her welcome speech of Head of SAC of Department of Business Administration, Dr Sharmina Afrin said that publishing paper is indispensable for the faculty members. Professor Dr ASM Shahabuddin emphasized the need for publishing research papers by quoting “Publish or Perish”. Prof. Paul said that IQAC of Uttara University will patronize such programs in future as faculty development program in Uttara University, Bangladesh. The resource person, Prof. Dr Nikhil Ranjan Dhar said in his speech that publishing paper is the only way to remain as a teacher now a days. He mentioned that for publishing papers we need to be honest in collecting data, i.e., data must be authentic. He mentioned 18 different aspects for writing and publishing papers by the faculty members. The aspects as: (i) know your audience and write for that specific audience (ii) your supervisor is not here to teach you basic grammar and spelling (iii) don’t turn in a first draft (iv) avoid abusing word forms (v) don’t use more words where fewer will do (vi) use an outline to organize your ideas and writing (vii) think about the structure of paragraphs (viii) pay attention to terms (ix) captions should not merely name a table or figure, they should explain how to read it (x) when citing reference, focus on the ideas, not the authors (xi) show us don’t tell us (xii) write about your results, not your tables, figures, and statistics (xiii) develop a strategy for your discussion (xiv) introduction and conclusions are the hardest parts (xv) break-up large projects into small pieces and work on the pieces (xvi) make your writing flow and resonate (xvii) use word processes effectively and back up your work religiously and (xviii) take editorial comments seriously. In his speech, Dr Nazrul Islam mentioned the importance of conducting research and publishing papers. He focused on the analysis part of the paper. He also extended his thanks on behalf of School of Business and IQAC to Professor Dhar for coming over Uttara University and giving his valuable time with the faculty members of Department of Business Administration of Uttara University, Bangladesh. Among others, Associate Professor Dr. Jamanur Rahman, Associate Professor Mr. Mahamudul Hasan, Assistant Professor Dr. Shamsul Arefin, Assistant Professor Dr. Golam Morhed were present in the seminar. The program was anchored by Mr. Azmol Hossain, Senior Lecturer of Department of Business Administration and member of SAC.

Date: 17 June 2017